• Travel Log from Coach Chris – Scozzie In Europe

    Travel Log from Coach Chris – Scozzie In Europe

    This morning started a little earlier than yesterday’s, as we headed over to one of Manchesters suburb, Didsbury!

    The morning training session was coached by Manchester university head coach and former England national coach Annette Pilling. Annette ran a low intensity session with professional squash player and Manchester university team captain Julianne courtice and University of Pennsylvania student and team player Jess Davies (originally from Manchester).

    Lunch was spent at the club which was last month host to the Aegon classic tennis tournament (a warm up tournament for Wimbledon).

    A quick rest and bite to eat and straight into the test match. Our 3rd and final match consisted of the two girls and three local university players.

    Manchester uni match

    Max v Jules 3-2

    Teddy v Jess 1-3

    Tyler v dan 2-3

    Zach v Garth 2-3

    Nick v Jess 1-3

    A tough lose that could have easily gone our way with two tough 5 setters.

    Straight after the test match and a quick turn around, the boys headed back to Manchester city’s football club for an official tour of the club, academy and grounds.

    Back from the tour and now checked into our most iconic hotel- the midland (the outside of the hotel was used in Harry Potter) and a walk around the city lead us to a British pizza restaurant. Tyler taking the gold medal by ordering a pizza with a full English breakfast on it!

    Up early tomorrow for our flight to Amsterdam!

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