The Scozzie Squash Academy gives players a proven, modern and professional approach to training, and offers an accelerated development pathway to progress onto the next level of achievement.  The Scozzie Method has been used to great effect over the last 20 years and has produced over 100 Junior and Senior National Champions on four different continents.

Last season Scozzie enjoyed the most successful year in the history of US Squash.  Some of the highlights included six semi-finalists in the Gold Nationals, 17 quarter finalists in the Bronze Nationals and a clutch of great performances in between!

The name “Scozzie” is a playful portmanteau or combination of words and is derived from the partnership of “Scottish” and “Australian or Ozzie”.

2013-08-30 10.16.13The Scozzie Director Paul Frank is an Australian who had formerly coached Scottish National teams for the best part of a decade. Our Head Coach Lyall Paterson is a Scotsman who has represented his native country in World and European Championships as a junior and senior player over many years.

The Academy will accept players based on their stage of development, current ranking, playing ability, squash specific goals and commitment to training. It will be composed of multiple training phases within each squash season. During each phase, players will be provided with a weekly training schedule composed of personalized cardio, strength, agility and squash-specific training sessions.

Additionally, multiple events will be attended by Scozzie Academy Coaches during each training phase to coach, mentor and evaluate players through their competitive forays.

To attend or a squad or for more information please contact us directly via