What is the Scozzie Squash Academy?

Scozzie is a year round program designed to assist aspiring junior players to achieve their goals in the sport.  The program is a professionally designed accelerated development pathway, conducted within a strong and supportive community.

Scozzie is the most hard working and welcoming environment any young player could want and we cater for all level of players.

Is the program any good?  This calendar year, six (6) Scozzie players achieved the #1 ranking in their age groups.

This makes 2016 our most year ever!

Scozzie is the biggest and most successful junior squash academy in US Squash. Currently we have over 20 players ranked in the top 32 in the country, with six players having been ranked #1 in their age groups this past calendar year!  You can find our Scozzie Alums accepted into the finest colleges in the United States, including Columbia, Penn, Yale, Cornell, Dartmouth, Williams, MIT, Navy, F&M, Bowdoin, Colby and Dickinson.

We offer private lessons from our eight professionals who are some of the finest coaches in the United States.  Combined, our coaches have won over 20 National titles, coached junior players to over 150 National Titles in six different countries including the USA, been part of over 50 World and European Championships, played for their countries over 300 times and led National Programs. Our coaches speak from experience and you can  read their brief profiles here.

Our off court training prioritizes injury prevention and makes a real commitment to improving the athleticism of our players. We integrate appropriate warm-ups and stretching with yoga, core stability development, metabolic and muscular endurance training all within a squash specific framework appropriate to the age and stage of the player.

By way of tournament coaching, we go to bat with our players, and coach at every JCT, all Gold and Silver events in Philly and every National Championship, including the U.S. Junior Open!


Stop just taking lessons and start training…

Stop just playing and start preparing to win…

We are Scozzie Squash – be part of the tradition while it’s being made!