• P2P Octopus Olympics 2016/17 in Numbers!

    P2P Octopus Olympics 2016/17 in Numbers!

    Scozzie completed its 3rd season of the P2P series in which competitors battle in 8 monthly events across the course of the season gaining ranking points towards the end of season finale. The competitions 8 legs have attracted fun names such as the Spider Series 2015/16 and the Octopus Olympics were conveniently named immediately after Rio 2016! The current leading vote is toward the Tarantula Tour for next season… any better suggestions are welcomed… there is a brand new Scozzie t-shirt up for grabs for the winner! The season was truly epic with all players and parents making it a unforgettable year to remember…

    Now for the P2P season in numbers. 12 bulleted numbers outlining the crucial highlights!

    •122 Total participants

    •62 people completed 4+ events to reach the required average for prize eligibility

    • 31 different divisional winners.

    • 57 championship plates were presented

    •3 individual winners from Premier Division – Max and Coaches LP and Sam

    • 66 participants broke the P2P entry record in event #2 • 0 number of matches Coach Sam lost all year, only dropped 6 games total

    • 92 matches across the season going to decisive deciding sets – new record

    • 6 conduct warnings were reported to tournament director, 0 conduct penalties required

    • 14 bagels were recorded

    • 184 bagels were consumed

    • 214 fist-pumps were witnessed