Scozzie FAQ’s :)


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What is the weekly squad schedule?

Click here for your downloadable copy!




How can I come and try out?


By emailing John, who will then co-ordinate an appropriate day and time!


training advice

What training should my child be doing each week?

Read the Scozzie advisory here – which prioritizes training based upon time allocated!




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Which coach is best for me to get a private lesson from?

Email our Director here and he’ll find you your perfect Scozzie Coach!



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What is the SAS?

The Scozzie Academy Select is our top flight training program, led by Paul and Lyall and guaranteed to provide results – here for details!




Explain the P2P tournaments!

P2P stands for Prepare to Perform and our P2P events offer a great opportunity for players to get the match play and experience they need!




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Do you do anything for “little kids”?

Yes, our elementary program runs strong all year round!  Find the details here!