• Scozzie Owns Gold At Merion Silver

    Scozzie Owns Gold At Merion Silver


    With an unpredictable week in the market nothing was certain besides the Scozzie contingent’s huge gains and bright forecast! Scozzie was 20 plus strong with each player shining in their unique manner leaving proud parents and coaches with smiles from ear to ear.

    We had many winners as the title suggests in all categories and a few unlucky battlers who are already setting training goals and ready to pick up where they left off.

    First standout was Rubens who lost to an inform Gray Collins in a crowd drawing 5 set battle to win the BU/11 in a nail biting edge of your seat spectacle. With 3 tie breaks, diving, nicks and fair play it was a sight to remember.

    World beater Ben Bradlow sealed his #2 seeding with a finalist finish in the BU/13. Ben has come a long way and we are super proud of what he has achieved while remaining a grounded individual.

    Nikhil was no exception to the scozzie mode of crush and conquer by dominating the BU/17. Nikhil showed good signs of maturity and is clearly on his way to being a staple gold level athlete. Hard work pays off!

    The BU/19 was a close one as Tom Hogan played up and improved his rating drastically. The best 2 players by rating were Zach Bradlow and Tom who know each other games well enough to warrant a match of inches with Tom eventually clawing his way to finish ahead.

    We are not done yet, still more winners coming your way and we start with first time GU/15 winner Anika Kulkarla. Not only that it was her first GU/15 event! WOW, you go girl! Anika showed nerves of steel from start to finish. After winning the first 2 sets playing smart and to plan her opponent came out in th 3rd like a freight train smacking the ball around like a rocket.  Anika didn’t have an answer but with a new plan coming into the 4th executed to perfection, Anika earned her victory in true scozzie form.

    Devon Shatzman gave a new meaning to the word crush throughout her journey to victory in the GU/17 event.  Devon’s ability to persevere tactically and her maneuverability around the court was a cut above the rest. Playing with the added pressure of #1 seed didn’t seem to effect Devon other than in a positive fashion and raised her level accordingly.

    Biggest standout amongst the coaches and peers was Michelle Park finishing 3rd in the GU/13. Michelle has noticeably turned a corner. All her hard work and commitment to the sport is paying off. Not only is she a pleasure to coach, her tenacity to run down the ball have taken her game to new heights. Keep it up Michelle, you rock!

    Scozzie had a bunch of great results and standout players throughout the event. I’d love to mention you all and shout outs will be heard around the club!  On behalf of Jason and myself we are extremely proud to stand alongside all the players and parents of the Scozzie Academy and thank you for your continued support.