This season Scozzie has covered all JCT’s, National Championships, the US Open and all Gold and Silver Tournaments in Philly… and what a great year it has been!  Statistically we had a stellar year highlighted by 8 quarter finalists in the Gold Nationals and 9 quarter finalists in the Silver Nationals! 

In order to push our Scozzie players through to the top of the US Squash rankings, Summer Tournaments are crucial, and for the first time we are making a concerted effort to prioritize preparation and coaching through each and every one of them!  US Squash rules allow players to accept their best two results from unlimited gold exposes during the summer and therefore it provides a real opportunity to make huge ranking jumps to start the season in a dominant position.

Between now and the beginning of next season there are 2 Silvers in Philadelphia and 7 Gold Tournaments throughout the country.  All these events are listed below, along with the expected Scozzie Lead Coach for the event.  Please note that additional coaches will be assigned if required depending on sign-ups and that Scozzie Tournament Coaching Rules will apply as usual.

Scozzie Summer Tournament Coaching Special

Players who sign up for all 14 weeks of our Summer Day Camps before Memorial Day can receive unlimited tournament coaching at all events for a total cost of $2,999, a saving of over 50%.

All Scozzies can sign up for tournament coaching at $250 per event ($150 for Silvers).  Minimum numbers will apply.

Players must confirm they wish Scozzie Coaching 9 days before the event when US Squash locks draw sizes.  In no circumstances will we add players to be coached post that deadline.

Players who are attending the European Tour or Scozzie Away Camps are entitled to one event of their choice coached at no cost.

Email our Scozzie Head Coach Lyall to sign up!

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