• SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT:  New Scozzie Coach – Welcome to Colin White

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: New Scozzie Coach – Welcome to Colin White

    Scozzie is please to announce that Colin White will be joining our program!  Colin is one of the most prominent coaches in world squash and will add enormous value!

    Colin White is a native of Belfast, Northern Ireland, where he grew up and started to play squash at the age of nine. He left there 25 years ago to further his coaching career in Budapest as the National Coach in Hungary. He spent almost 20 years in Budapest, but since then he has worked and lived in Bermuda and Vienna, where he was also the Austrian National Coach before arriving in the U.S.

    Over the last 12 years he has been working as a Tutor for the European Squash Federation’s Coaching Committe, which led to him fufiling the seem role for the World Squash Federation and presenting at the WSF Coaching Conference 2016 in Malayasia and 2017 in Colombia. He holds various qualifications, including European Squash Federation Level 3 Coach and Tutor, plus a World Squash Federation Level 2 Tutor.

    Although he has worked with National Teams and professional players, including Mark Krajcsek, PSA No.37 and 4th in the European Championships in 2010, his biggest enjoyment is the day to day coaching in the club. Working and meeting the real people, who share his passion for our wonderful sport.

    He is married to Petra and they have a two year old son called Patrick. His first priority when arriving was to help his family settle in, with that achieved, now he is really looking forward to getting involved in the US Squash Scene. He is very happy and proud to be part of the Scozzie Squash Academy family!

    You can book lessons with Colin directly via colin@fairmountac.com or catch up with him when he’s in the club.

    colin and sarah

    Colin and former World Champ Sarah Fitzgerald at the recent World Squash Federation Coaching Conference in Columbia