• Travel Log from Coach Chris – Scozzie In Europe

    Travel Log from Coach Chris – Scozzie In Europe

    An early start this morning as we checked out of the midland hotel and headed to the airport for 8am

    When we arrived at the airport, our flight was delayed for 2 hours. This meant that our first matches was going to be a tight squeeze. I managed to contact the organizers of the DJO to explain the situation and they confirmed that they could only give each player a maximum of 30mins after their start time to arrive.

    Once we landed there was a delay getting our bags of around 40mins. All the boys got to the club and we’re a little rushed going on to court. Their first match scores are below and although not the best situation to be in, all the seedlings went to plan and the boys tried their hardest.

    Nick v WO

    Max v Edwin Clain (France) 0/3

    Tyler v Adrian Douillied (France) 0/3

    Teddy v Curtis Malik (England) 0/3

    Zach v Margus Lomp (Estonia) 0/3

    A quick look around the impressive venue and a bite to eat and the boys then played their second match at 7pm. Scores below…

    Nick v Graham Joyce (USA) 1/3

    Max v Walter Herold Veedla (Estonia) 3/0

    Tyler v Gus Prager (USA) 3/0

    Teddy v Hamad al-Amri (Qatar) 2/3

    Zach v Aron Allpress (England) 0/3

    Last matches on is a Scozzie special and the Dutch was no different. After max finished an impressive 3-0 win we headed back to the hotel and got some much needed rest!